Data Analytics

Magsys preferred tool is ACL™ Analytics for in depth data analysis and complex Data Analytics development.
Visual Basic is also used to augment results presentation and provide automation.
Our Data Analytics solutions leverage the Audit and Assurance functionality of ACL™ :

  • Built in audit specific functions
  • Can read data from just about any source
  • Logs and records evey audit processing step for quality assurance
  • ACL™ Internal table design allows for very fast processing of millions of records
  • All internal tables are read only, thus ensuring data integrity

Functional Areas of Magsys Data Analytics Services

Magsys has developed an extensive range of CAATs for a diverse number of organisations including Government Entities, Universities and Businesses.
Various ERP systems ( Eg. Ellipse, SAP, Finance One, Great Plains, Oracle Financials and Peoplesoft ) are represented and additional systems such as Purchasing Card ( Eg. iCMS and Peoplesoft ) Procurement Systems ( Eg. Ariba ) and Asset Management ( Eg. Maximo & Ellipse ) are also covered.
CAATs have been developed across the full range of ERP module processes ( Eg. AP, AR, GL, HR/Payroll and ERP Application Security ) and OS Security ( Eg. Unix and IBM RACF ).
The core logic for these CAATs is generally applicable across systems thus facilitating new developments.
Finally, a number of CAATs have been developed for client’s inhouse developed systems.

Supporting Internal Audit

Magsys preferred approach is to work closely with the Auditor in developing a CAAT for the audit program task.
Initially evaluating the testing requirements, exploring data sources then prototyping the logic to produce useful results to support the audit process.
Once the supporting CAAT is finalised, it can be incorporated into the menu driven set of automated CAATs.