Magsys supporting Audit

Magsys has over 20 years experience in IT Audit and provides a high level of expertise across the range of skills needed in developing and implementing:

  • Data Analytics   ( also called CAATs - computer assisted audit techniques),  
    These are independent extract and analysis programs that can be utilised by audit to assess the integrity of IT systems, to augment current reporting facilities and support investigations.

  • Continuous Auditing   enabling Internal Audit to continually gather and analyse data from processes to support the auditing activities

Magsys supporting the Business

Magsys has over 30 years experience designing and programming IT applications for business.

Magsys works with the business client to develop solutions which address problems or add value to the business processes.

  • Extended Reporting  
    Independent programs that provide analysis and reports which are not achievable via standard reporting.

  • Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)
    In today's business world of multiple platforms, packages and vendors, it is often found necessary to not only augment the ERP package's inbuilt controls with business specific controls but also implement higher level “end to end” controls across systems.
    A classic example of this might be detection of duplicate invoice payments   generated by the A/P and Purchase Card systems.

Our Services

We work closely with the Auditor or Business client to design and implement solutions to best address the specific requirements of the organisation.
The core engine of our solutions is developed using ACL™ Analytics ( previously called Audit Command Language ) which is recognised as one of the leading products in the field of Auditing and Data Analytics.

Example areas of our services are:

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Tailored Solutions

We work with the Auditor or Business client to identify and analyse the requirements, then map them to our library of modular, extensible solutions. We prefer to incorporate a prototyping approach as much as possible since this is the optimal way to show the client what can be done and to clarify that it actually meets the client’s needs.
Magsys has an extensive library of CAATs and other ACL based applications which are designed to fit into the Magsys standard framework to implement automated “Continuous” processing

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CCM Presentation to CACS 2005 ISACA Oceania Conference in Perth WA