Extended Reporting for the Business

Magsys uses the rich functionality of ACL™ Analytics as the core engine for development.
Visual Basic is also used to augment results presentation and provide automation.
Magsys Extended Reporting implementations provide analysis and reports which are not achievable via the standard reporting available with the package.

Key Strengths of Extended Reporting are:

  • Can be fully functional on a standard PC workstation that has ACL™ installed
  • Ability to extract data from independent application systems
  • Saves the extracted data in an ACL™ database on the workstation
  • Analysis is performed with ACL™ scripts operating on the ACL™ database
  • Report presentation is typically Excel spreadsheets but other options are available
  • Reports can be invoked via a user menu or automated with optional report delivery via email

Examples of Extended Reporting:

Enhanced Payroll Preview framework for payroll officers in a state government rail operator.
The awards and pay structure for the train drivers was complex and, after the payroll officers had completed their data input from the timesheets, a standard payroll preview report was run.
This report was paper and in employee order, thus necessitating a manual tear and collate into payroll officer and their employees order - time consuming and error prone.
The ACL report extracted the payroll transactions and performed intelligent checks, finally collating them into payroll officer / employee / payroll transactions order and creating spreadsheets which were emailed to each payroll officer. Each spreadsheet contained a summary worksheet and an individual employee worksheet with error flags.
The payroll officer then checked these previews and made any corrections in the payroll system.
Just prior to the payrun, a final execution of the ACL report was performed and the payroll administrator checked the summary spreadsheet listing the payroll officers by row prefixed with an error flag. This provided the opportunity to drill in and address any remaining errors.
This Enhanced Payroll Preview framework saved a significant amount of time and avoided overpayments and other errors.

Emergency Pay for the state government rail operator.
Paying the train drivers was critical ( if the drivers were not paid, the trains would stop! ).
The ACL solution was installed on two laptops which were kept offsite. After each payrun, an ACL script extracted the last 3 months Payroll Transactions and a set of Payroll / HR tables, these were burned to CDs which were also kept offsite with the laptops.
In the event of a complete ( unrecoverable in a 4 day window ) disaster , the payroll administrator or manager could run the ACL emergency pay application which created an intelligent pay. The ACL scripts included checks for acting higher duties, booked leave, advanced pays, exiting employees and other criteria which would affect the pay; the bottom line was to avoid overpayments. After calculating tax, a net pay was calculated and the final output was a properly formatted EFT transaction file which could be sent to the bank. When the Payroll system was recovered, the real pay was input and previewed. At this point, another ACL script read the preview payroll transactions and compared them to what had actually been paid. The ACL script then generated manual payroll transactions which offset them and were batch inputted.

Enhancing Existing ERP system reports - example
Often, a standard report has the desired information but its useablity is limited and it can be slow and expensive to get the ERP vendor to create a better report.
Magsys has an approach which uses the ACL “Print Image” report reader feature to scrape the data from a report soft copy. Once the data from the report is in ACL table format it can be combined with other data, reordered and exported to user friendly spreadsheets.

Magsys has many more examples of Extended Reporting so, if the reader has a requirement for enhanced reporting or augmenting the standard application functionality, please contact us.