System Upgrade and Verification

Magsys uses the rich functionality of ACL™ Analytics as the core engine for validating System Upgrade and Verification Tasks.
Visual Basic is also used to augment results presentation and provide automation.


  • System upgrades generally incorporate:
    *   A system snapshot process which extracts all the tables at a point in time
    *   Conversion routines to build the new data tables from the snapshot
    *   Database load of new tables in the new system
    *   Finally, verification scripts to ensure that the data has been converted and loaded successfully
  • ACL scripts can handle the tables snapshot and data conversion into new tables
  • The load of the new system database would be via vendor utilities or SQL scripts
  • Verification could be ACL scripts extracting the newly loaded tables and comparing with the ACL built new tables

The above steps apply whether the upgrade is an incremental release of the same (ERP) system or a move to a completely new system.

Example of a System Upgrade and Validation:

System Migration for a state government Portable Long Service Leave entity.
The actual migration process was handled by the vendor but Magsys was tasked with mirroring the migration to ensure nothing got lost or corrupted.
A set of ACL scripts were put together to extract all the pre-upgrade tables, mimic the same data conversions as the vendor and create copies of the expected new tables.
Finally, a set of ACL scripts extracted the new tables post initial load and compared to the ACL pre-upgrade tables.
As it turned out, the vendor’s conversion and database load processing was excellent and the ACL routines confirmed the integrity of the loaded data.
There was no doubt that the earlier ACL assisted data cleansing effort prior contributed significantly to the successful migration.